The Opportunity

No matter how talented you are, raising capital is challenging -especially for underrepresented minorities. Despite years of experience and two successful exits, it remains hard even for us.

Capital is necessary. And make no mistake about it, building unicorn tech startups with billion-dollar valuations require it. Unfortunately, African Americans, despite an outsized impact on global creativity and culture, receive less than 2% of venture capital funding.

As a consequence, many innovative ideas don’t see the light of day because most underrepresented founders of color aren’t able to raise enough seed capital to give them the runway that is necessary to achieve product-market fit. Which is the starting point for successfully attracting venture capital.

We created Revitalize Venture Studio to bridge that gap. We work to get each of our startups to the point where traction evident. From there, we bring in growth-focused diverse operations talent in tandem with raising growth capital from outside venture investors.

We aim to transform communities from Silicon Valley to Brooklyn by diversifying the complexion of tech and building break-out software startups that deliver economic impact and outsized returns.

If you share in our vision and are interested in backing us in this journey, we would love to hear from you.