The Studio

Revitalize is focused on building, launching and spinning out successful SaaS and platform-based software startups led by diverse teams.

Revitalize is driven by the following core beliefs:

  • Diversity starts at the top and from the outset.
  • Getting to product-market fit requires grit & tenacity.
  • Doing well while doing good is the future of business.
  • Diverse teams drive greater returns.
  • Traction trumps everything.

The Studio’s initial startups embody these beliefs. Our recipe for success is rooted in the General Partners more than two decades of experience as serial tech entrepreneurs.

We understand what it takes to go from concept through liquidity --and we’ve done it more than once. In fact, we are the only African Americans to have founded, built, and led two internet startups to successful exits by publicly-traded companies with the acquisitions of ImageCafe by Network Solutions, and Progressly by Box.

We are experts at product creation, and more importantly, at getting to product-market fit, the most challenging stage of the startup lifecycle. Traction trumps everything, but it doesn’t happen without first achieving product-market fit.  Getting there requires more than an MVP, it requires an MVPPL

Our experience has taught us, that startups are a team sport. So we seek out diverse founders, domain experts, and occasionally corporate partners, to gain insights into significant opportunities that we can tackle together as co-founders. We improve the likelihood of success by bring experience, talent, capital and a deep network of diverse operators and silicon valley veterans to each of our startups.

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